There are many points to consider to select a right system for your IP camera, including lens sizes, video storage, enclosure for your IP camera and so on. By determining exactly which are the core components you need to consider, you will find the “IP Camera Revolution” is approaching towards you.

viewing angle and distance
Is your desired viewing distance more than 200 feet? Then you will need one with zoom lens. And a wide angle is the thing for you for a small distance.

Do you wish to view the whole stadium or do you wish to watch a 10 ft wide driveway to capture a car license plate? Then the IP camera lens become the main point you need to consider. Generally speaking, camera lens determines the combination of viewing angle and viewing distance.

Motion Detect
Generally, motion detect is not necessary unless there is moving present in the area where you monitor. Therefore, the video recording storage is no longer need to waste when no motion occurs. To prevent the waste and justice whether there are “motion critical” from other less important parts,a software called ONSSI NetDVMS will give you a precisely definition.

Night vision
Are you a night owl? The ability of night vision for an IP camera depends on its applications. Some IP cameras have several levels of small light capability, some

can capture a reasonable video in low light, some will turn the image into black and white mode in dark. And some can even view clearly with no external light, which are called “infrared sensitive”. The secret is that infrared illuminator which inbuilt or separate from an IP camera enables high quality images in the totally dark.

How is the weather outdoor viewing area? Extremely hot, cold, excessive rain and sunshine will damage your outdoor electronic device including IP cameras. To prevent this, many excellent enclosure series are just the right things for you.

Are you in a really corrosive environment like near the ocean where you may be exposed to salt spray? Please check our site:

Now you got the keys to build the perfect IP camera system. You can also contact me with detailed specifications and I will be happy to assist you. And it will be my great appreciate if my next articles help you on your IP cameras.