If you find yourself in a position where you need the peace of mind a home security camera system will provide, it could be time to consider the Uniden UDW20055 Wireless Video Surveillance System. For a small price you can monitor activity around your home, or even your office, so you can have confidence and get a sense of security that you did not have before.

Uniden has been in busy for more than 20 years, and their Uniden UDW20055 is a mid-grade security camera system that will deliver what you need, when you need it. No need to hire professionals who can take a long time and a lot of money to get your system set up. This system is perfect for DIYers who need peace of mind now.

The two included cameras with the Uniden UDW20055 Wireless Video Surveillance System are heavy duty, weather resistant cameras that can be mounted wherever you see the need to protect vulnerable spots in either your home or business. Each camera features 2.4 Digital FHSS which means you will get zero interference from other wireless devices around your house.

The cameras have digital zoom, pan, and tilt so you can get a large field of vision. There will be no problem seeing activity in the dark since the cameras also feature night vision. The cameras have a range of 500 feet so you can set them up outside around your home or place of business and still have access anywhere in your house. The security camera system also comes with a 7 inch color display that will allow you to watch up to four video cameras on the display at once, or automatically scan from camera to camera.

Picture Quality
The picture quality for the cameras is good, but not top-of-the-line. It is quite acceptable for monitoring activity in and around your house and a great bargain when it comes to security camera systems. Some customers have mentioned that it would not be great for facial recognition, but if you just need a system that will keep an eye out for suspicious activity, whether from intruders on the outside of your home or business, or handymen, nannies, or children on the inside of your house, than the Uniden UDW20055 is a great option.

Recording Options
The Uniden UDW20055 security camera system does have recording capabilities. You can record data from any camera (but only one camera at a time) and save it directly to your PC so you can view recorded feed or video footage whenever the need arises. This is excellent since most security camera systems that record use SD cards which can fill up the memory quite quickly. With the capabilities of being saved on the computer, you can save weeks at a time or until you decided you want to clean out the unimportant video recordings.

Remote Viewing
The Uniden UDW20055 system does not have remote viewing capabilities since it acts as more a surveillance unit while you are in or around your home or business. Even though you cannot view live feed remotely like some home security camera systems, you can still activate motion detection recording which will start recording once some type of motion is detected. This will help capture suspicious activity which you can play back at a later time after you have returned home.

This home security system is essentially “plug and play” and the installation for the unit is a breeze. Once you set up your cameras, you can use the monitor to view all of the camera feeds, or you can install the software to your computer to set up recording schedules, motion detection settings, and other viewing, scanning, and settings features.

Uniden has been in the business of surveillance and security systems for more than 20 years. They have a range of products from middle grade systems perfect for monitoring activities in and around your house or business, to top-of-the-line surveillance models with a number of recording and viewing features. Here is a look at the specs and features of the UDW20055 model.

The system comes with 2 mid-grade quality cameras that produce a clear, albeit not HD clear, picture quality. Night vision is also acceptable, although you will not be able to recognize intricate details such as facial features when you zoom the cameras. The picture quality will work just perfectly with people who want to keep an eye on activity without the need of facial recognition.

The smart motion detector will pick up motion, depending on the sensitivity settings, and start recording what is going on. It can also be set up to set off an alarm should motion be detected where it is not supposed to be. This will give the home or business owner a greater peace of mind since you will not have to be everywhere all the time to know what is happening in or around your residence.

The unit also comes with a remote control so you can adjust the zoom, pan, and tilt and a number of other features all without needing to manually adjust the cameras one by one. This is especially handy if you keep your cameras well out of reach or if you would typically need a ladder or chair to access the cameras.

Optional Accessories
Since the Uniden UDW20055 home security camera system can be expanded to up to four cameras, you may want to purchase another camera or two in order to have a view of all the areas or vulnerabilities of your home or business. The Uniden UDWC25 Wireless Video Surveillance Accessory Outdoor Camera is a great weatherproof camera that you can add to this system, and the Uniden UDWC23 Wireless Video Surveillance Accessory Portable Indoor Camera is a small, portable indoor camera that can also be used in conjunction with this system.

The ease of setup for Do-It-Yourselfers is probably one of the best features of this mid-grade security camera system. Many customers have used this to monitor children in the backyard, the nursery, activity by handymen or babysitters, or even to keep an eye on doorways or garages.

The cameras themselves seem very durable and sturdy, lasting a long time. Weather does not affect picture or effectiveness, so mounting these cameras outdoor presents no problems. The picture quality is pretty clear for both regular and night vision mode, but it is not HD quality by any means. It is quite acceptable for people who just need to monitor activity without needing to spend all of the extra money for a camera that presents perfectly crystal clear picture quality that can identify facial features and the like.

One of the biggest downfalls of this system is the ability to only record from one camera at a time. If something were to set off the motion detector of more than one camera, only one camera has the capability to record any activity. This can be a huge pitfall for people who want to be able to record with multiple cameras at the same time.

Another con to this system is that the software is not completely compatible with Windows 7 so people who have newer computers will not have access to all of the capabilities that people with Windows Vista or Windows XP would have.