If you need a peace of mind when it comes to protecting your home or small business, think no further than Defender. Defender has built up a great reputation for offering effective, efficient, and durable home security options for people who don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for a professional installation.

The Defender PX301-010 is a great wireless home security camera system that offers great monitoring and recording options for people who feel the need for extra security around their home or business. If you want a “plug and play” system that is easy to use and easy to set up, than this model is perfect for you.

The Defender PX301-010 system comes with one weatherproof, long range camera. The camera features 18 infrared LED lights that allow for night vision with a range of 40 feet. This is a wireless plug and play system which sets up in minutes quickly and easily. You can literally set up your camera and be watching live feed in seconds since the system automatically connects and synchronizes.

With a range of 450 feet, you can monitor activities around your house, yard, garage, or even your personal business. Also, you will be able to communicate with people from a distance with the 2-way intercom. The camera and monitor each have a speaker so you can safely communicate with visitors or delivery men without needing to open the door.

Picture Quality
The picture quality is surprisingly clear for a wireless home model. The signal is very strong so you are ensured a clear, uninterrupted video feed that will help you identify suspicious activity at your home or business. The night vision picture quality is fantastic thanks to the infrared LED lights which turn on automatically when it gets dark, and shuts off during the day time to save power.

Recording Options
There are a number of recording options available with the Defender PX301-010 Digital Wireless DVR security system. You can choose to set the unit to record only when it detects motion so you can save your SD memory space for longer monitoring, or you can set a daily recording schedule to monitor busy hours at your place of business or to monitor nannies or babysitters. The system can also be set to sound an alarm if motion is detected before it starts recording. You can also manually begin recording for a set period of time if you are going to be away from your home and would like to know what’s going on while you are gone that day.

Remote Viewing
This system does not feature remote viewing capabilities but that may not be an issue thanks to the recording capabilities. If you just want to monitor activities in or around your home without the need to check from a distance, this system is more than sufficient, especially for the price.

The Defender PX301-010 features “plug and play” operation which means it will take you minutes to set up and start using your new wireless home security camera system. No wiring necessary, as long as you have a power outlet around, you can set up your camera wherever needed. Since it already comes with a 7 inch monitor, you won’t need to download any software or special programs to your computer or recording box, as the unit acts as a self-contained DVR.

Defender is a popular brand when it comes to home security systems. With years or industry knowledge and a lot of great security products, you can be assured that you get quality products with good customer support when you need it. Here’s a look at the specs and features for the Defender PX301-010 home security system.

Even if you need more than one camera to monitor a number of areas, you can easily expand the unit to be compatible with up to four cameras. This is a great feature, especially if you start with one camera only to find out in a few months you need more coverage. You won’t have to purchase an entire system, you’ll only need to purchase another camera (or three!).

Being able to record is a great feature of this particular model. With three recording options you can record only when the camera detects motion, during certain hours each day, or when you manually start recording to capture certain activities that may be happening then and there.

Optional Accessories
If you would like to expand your viewing and recording capabilities, you can purchase Defender Additional Digital Wireless Camera with Long Range Night Vision for Defender PX301 Security Systems as an optional accessory. If you would like to upgrade the SD card to have a larger memory capacity, you could also purchase the Transcend 16 GB SDHC Class 10 Flash Memory Card.

The ease of use and the versatility with recording options make this an excellent product for home users or people who want to monitor small businesses. The picture quality is more than acceptable and will let you recognize people with ease. You can clearly monitor employee activities, children in the backyard, or the handyman or nanny should you feel the need.

Another great feature of this product is the 2-way intercom which will allow you to talk and listen to visitors, employees, or delivery men. Also, with the infrared LEDs you will be able to see up to 40 feet in the dark which will give you peace of mind, even during night time, knowing your camera will catch activity even in pitch black conditions.

A small downfall to this system is that the infrared LED lights tend to create a glare on windows or nearby objects which can obscure the scene or field of vision so there should not be a window between the camera and its subject.

Another thing to note is that even though the picture provided by the camera is sufficiently clear, it is near colorless during day-time operation. While this won’t particularly effect the effectiveness of the camera’s feed, it may not be what some individuals expect, so we figured we’d mention it.

Consumer Reviews
Over 90% of customers scored this product with average or above average ratings. Over 70% of customers gave the Defender system perfect or near perfect scores commenting on its ease of use, sufficient picture quality, video recording capabilities, and excellent night vision views. Only a few people felt they wouldn’t buy this system again or recommend it to others due to fact that you cannot monitor the camera’s feed on more than one monitor at a time.